*IDs & Customer Pickups: We need valid NYS state ID for the renter AND any parties that are picking up rental items. Items WILL NOT be released without this and you will not be eligible for any refund or prorations of fees paid. Any IDs that are fraudulent will be forwarded to the appropriate local police authorities. 

*Deposits: Note that deposits are fully refundable upon delivery of rented items in like/same condition as given to customer. Vendors and/or customers are responsible & should be mindful of clothing dyes such as jeans that may transfer onto the thrones and/or clothing with signage that may leave an imprint or scratch the leather surface. Deposits will be held for discolorations that are non-removable and/or require considerable effort to remove or require professional cleaning. Customer/Renter agrees to reimburse IBL Party Rentals for any damage to rental items.

*Lateness at Customer Drop Offs: There is a 10 minute grace period from drop off pick up windows. Note that late fees start to accrue after grace period at the rate of the rental if customer is more than 30 minutes late to return rental items from the initial drop off window period. A fee of $30 late fee per 30 minute period of time past initial pick up window period will apply.

*Lateness at Customer/Renter Pickup or Delivery Drop Offs: Driver will offer 10 minute grace period for customer to open door to give access to space for delivery. After that period, there is a $2 charge per 1 minute period starting back to the initial drop off time. For customer pickups, customer has 10 minute grace period at pickup, however, past that time IBL Party Rentals reserves the right to either cancel the order or charge $1 late fee per 1 minute period of time past the initial pick up window period.

*Rental Items: Rental items held by customer beyond agreed upon pickup time/date will yield per day rental charge, rates fluctuate dependent in standard day, holiday, or last minute customer rental request.


*Cancellations: Customer/Renter cancellations less than 21 days from event date yield 0% refund. Customer/Renter credit issuance is subject to review and decision of IBL Party Rentals on a case by case basis. For cancellations, due to acts of God or inclement weather for outdoor events will be subject to customer credit valid for specified time agreed upon by both parties (customer and IBL Party Rentals).


*Customer/Renter Rights & Responsibilities: Customer holds IBL Inc. harmless for normal wear and tear of rented items. It is the customer's responsibility to point out any damage and/or wear and tear prior to accepting rented items.


*IBL Inc Rights: IBL Inc. will provide rental items with reasonable wear + tear. Customers/Renters will reimburse IBL Inc a reasonable cost for repair/replacement of damaged items.


*IBL Inc reserves the rights to proceed with small claims court case, to include filing criminal charges for lost/stolen rental items and/or other litigation against client for any damages incurred.


IBL Party Rentals


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