Chairs and Decoration Options

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Custom Name Tables - Block Letters Available for Rent

Number Tables - Block Numbers Available for Rent

Folding Chairs - folding chairs for your next event. Folding chairs available with or without chair covers for Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan. Rent your folding chairs today!!! 

Luxury Chair Options

Single Throne Chairs - 1 seater throne chairs

Double Seater Throne Chairs - 2 seater throne chairs

Chaise Lounges - 2 seater throne chairs

Throne Chairs or Luxury Baby Shower Chairs are available for your next event. Thrones chairs for either NY (Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan) or New Jersey. Single or Double seaters are available. Rent your throne chairs today!!!


Traditional Baby Shower Chairs - Traditional White Wicker Chairs or Traditional Baby Shower Wicker Chairs in alternate colors. Pick our bronze wicker for your jungle theme, forest theme, or other nature themed events. See pics here..... Wicker chairs are available for your next event in either Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan. Rent your wicker chair today!!!


DIY Packages  -

Save $$$ D-i-Y (Do It Yourself) Packages are available.  Click here to reserve yours today!!!